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The Most Terrifying Animals In Australia

Think of Australia and terrifying mythological creatures might not perhaps be the first thing that... Read More

'Poo' Phillip Bay

If you go swimming around Port Phillip Bay in the near future, you may get more than you bargained... Read More

How Easy Will It Be to Buy a House in Australia in 2017?

Australia is a beautiful country, one which attracts many new inhabitants looking to live here every... Read More

Lower 'Backpacker Tax' agreed

After more than a year, the Australian government has agreed to support a 15% tax rate on overseas... Read More

New Zealand

Conquer New Zealand’s most extreme attractions

Ski down the longest glacier, swim in the largest lake, climb the highest mountain, walk the longest... Read More

Road trippin’ Down Under

Get your motor running, head out on the highwaaaay, and maybe grow an awesome handlebar moustache?... Read More

YHA Queenstown Lakefort upgrades for the modern backpacker

YHA New Zealand has reopened its YHA Queenstown Lakefront hostel after several months of... Read More

Nocturnal New Zealand

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, New Zealanders will be among the first in the world to... Read More

Our favourites

South Pacific

Monkey Buffet Festival

Monkey business is good for business  Around 100 miles north of Bangkok, the Monkey Buffet... Read More

A climb to the Gods

We spend our lives surrounded by smart phones, posh coffee and fast cars and consider ourselves to... Read More

Balintro – from the people who brought you OzIntro and ThaIntro

The creators of OzIntro and ThaIntro have announced what they have dubbed “ the next big ... Read More

5 things you forget to unbackpack

After you get home from a trip away, how soon do you unpack your backpack? And what do you forget to... Read More

Rest of the world

Say Hello...Say Goodbye

A recent poll has found that 82% of Brits don't bother to learn even the basics of a language... Read More

King's Day in Amsterdam

With King’s Day fast approaching, there has never been a better time to head to Amsterdam. It is... Read More

Balkan Road Trip: Bosnia

Bosnia has had more than its fair share of conflict, especially in the past 20 years. Read More

Anzac Day: Gallipoli and the best of travel in Turkey

Seeing in Anzac Day at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli is a rite of passage that brings thousands of... Read More