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We Love Australia

In the week from 9 March, Aus breakfast TV's Today Show is broadcasting live from two locations... Read More

Climbing the Harbour Bridge. With vertigo

Ever wondered what it might be like to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge? With vertigo? Here’s Paul... Read More

Rock 'n hole: exploring the Red Centre

We never thought we’d be quite so impressed by what is basically a big rock and an even bigger... Read More

101 things to do in Mackay, Queensland

From blokarting to platypus spotting to off-road biking, Queensland's Mackay should not be... Read More

New Zealand

Get high: Flying, canyoning, skydiving and skiing in Lake Wanaka

Whether it’s jumping out of a plane, plunging into water, or skiing down a mountainside, Wanaka... Read More

Top five bungy jumps

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you that flinging yourself off a sky-high ledge is pretty damn... Read More

Travel video: mountain biking in New Zealand

Air New Zealand has released a unique take on the famous Tortoise and Hare fable, which adds another... Read More

Celebrating Waitangi Day on February 6

New Zealand's national day commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, with... Read More

Our favourites

South Pacific

5 things you forget to unbackpack

After you get home from a trip away, how soon do you unpack your backpack? And what do you forget to... Read More

Two Burmese men admit to Brit tourist murders and rape

Two Burmese men admit to Brit tourist murders and rape Read More

Found in Fiji: Good surf and snorkel spots and warm-hearted locals

I’d heard many travellers’ tales about Fiji. The majority had echoed the typical backpacker... Read More

We Were Warriors: Taveuni Fiji

We bypass the cocktails, coconuts and world-class diving to investigate the fertile island of... Read More

Rest of the world

5 things to consider before teaching abroad

Volunteer programmes abroad have gained popularity in recent years; people want more than just a... Read More

My Thai: island hopping and rock climbing in Thailand

Whether you want to see temples, lie on a beach, drink booze from a bucket or rock climb in a... Read More

Travel video: Kids say the funniest things

Only 100 aeroplanes in total expected to fly in 2015 and travellers can look forward to eating more... Read More

With the AU$ down, here's how to save for an overseas holiday

With the Aussie dollar at a four-and-a-half year low, nearly half of Australians say it will affect... Read More