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Summer is well and truly upon us in the Southern Hemisphere. So, dust the sand off your feet, pull up a deckchair and order a Sex on the Beach as we serve up the top 10 Aussie beach bars!


Hot summer afternoons, the tang ofsea salt and an ice cold beer go handin hand. Sitting in the sun with a fewmates and knocking back a few brewslooking out over the ocean is surelyone of summer’s great pleasures.

Australian surf towns and spotsoften have a symbiotic relationshipbetween bar and beach; people comefor the bar and stay because of thebeach, or vice-versa. From the lengthand breadth of the country, therelationship between the sea and thebar is an important one.

With that fact in mind and withoutmuch further ado, let’s get to our firstbeach bar an, if we’re being honest, it’san absolute ripper!

A favourite for people visiting thisbeautiful part of Western Australiancoastline for over 100 years, theCottesloe Beach Hotel is one exampleof a beach bar being central toits community. The beautiful oldfederation building with its lovely artdeco interior has a huge amount goingfor it, located just 15 minutes fromPerth and 10 minutes from Fremantle,the main bar and balcony look outover some of the prettiest views of anywatering hole anywhere.

On perfect days you can actuallywatch the sun set behind RottnestIsland while enjoying an ice cold beer,some delicious nibbles and a little livemusic.The huge amount of art and photography that have been made ofCottesloe Beach and the surroundingcountryside (some of which can befound adorning the walls of the hotelitself) highlight the importance of thearea to the community.

The locals in this part of the worldare also extremely warm, friendly andwelcoming to travellers from interstateor from around the world. Talk anythingfrom AFL and cricket, to surfing or evena spot of local history. So long as you’rebuying the first round you may very wellfind yourself a couple of friends for life.

Beautiful, richly historied andpossessing one of the most beautifulviews of any pub anywhere. Good shout!



Yes, we know. It’s a ReturnedServiceman’s League joint, but relaxguys and girls, we haven’t lost theplot! ‘The Rathouse’ is one of Bondi’sbest spots to watch the sun go down.

Slap down a $20 bill upon arrivalfor membership and you’ll open up awhole world of beautiful possibilitiesto yourself. The beers will be cheaper,along with the food and everybody,more or less, will know your name.

The beer menu is fairly long andinexpensive while the selection of wineswill keep the missus vaguely happy, solong as she’s not overly discerning aboutthe levels of oak in her Chardonnay.

The most important part of the TheNorth Bondi RSL is probably the ‘NorthBondi’ bit. People travel thousands ofmiles everyday just to catch a glimpseof this iconic, world famous beach spotand this is simply one of the best placesto grab your very own piece of theAustralian dream.

Small price to pay for $20, really.



If you found yourself with only half an hour to experience Byron Bay life– one drink at the Beach Hotel wouldgive you a taste of everything the seaside town has to offer.

The huge beer garden and open-airbistro sits at the top of the town’s mainstreet overlooking Main Beach withpanoramic views of Australia’s favouriteretreat. The easy access to Byron Bay’sbreaks mean there is a constant streamof surfers and tourists kicking back.



This is quite literally a beach bar inevery sense of the word. Feel the sandbetween your toes and the tropicalsummer sun on your face... while liningup shots of Jäger bombs of course.

Summer’s the time to be in MagneticIsland and if you’re there at the righttime on the lunar calendar, you cancheck out Base’s legendary Full Moonparty. It’s just like the wild ones inThailand, only with much better music.

Stay, play and drink on Magnetic Island!



Republica’s hanging seats have anutterly uninterrupted view of thecurve of St. Kilda’s beautiful bay, aswell as the thin strip of bleachedwhite sand beyond.

A very pleasant place to sip a tallglass of something refreshing andwatch the sun sink low beyond thehorizon. The ridiculously beautifulpeople wandering the promenadegive this bar a feel that is entirelyunique to Melbourne.



Named for the ancient Greek Godof wine and debauchery this littlebeach bar lives up to his name.

Being that you’re in Adelaide, thefine wine capital of Australia, youdon’t have to look far down Bacchus’wine list to find a top drop and SouthAustralia’s big beer export Coopersalso have their entire range on tap.The jaw dropping views of the Gulfof St Vincent add a breathtakingaccompaniment to the overall vibe.



While not strictly on Manly Beach,the Wharf is less than five minutesaway from the Northern Beaches’most iconic strip of sand.

In many ways the Manly WharfHotel is one of the social hubs of theNorthern Beaches and gets ratherlively on a Friday and Saturday nightThis is also a beautiful spot right onthe harbour, a great place to sit andnurse a beer and watch the boatsgoing to and fro.



Part of the Beachfront Hotel precinct, Turtles Bar’s cool interior and covered terrace provide the ideal hideaway for Darwin’s predictably hot and wet weather.

The Top End’s premier watering holes has something of a split personality; placid and laid back during the afternoon, the dance floor comes alive after dark with all manner of revellers kicking up their heels. Definitely worth checking out.



The gateway to the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach is a throbbing hub of backpackers, seasoned travellers and Aussies in transit.

Airlie Beach is Australia’s answer to Ibiza – all snorkelling, sunbaking and subdued by day and gyrating, drinking and somewhat mental by night. If there was a life source of all the debauchery, it would without a doubt be Magnums Hotel. A hostel with a bar? Best idea ever!



There is a reason the Great Ocean Road has such a grandiose title, and with little gems spotted along the iconic bitumen.

Based at the foot of the Otways, Apollo Bay acts as a popular base camp for Great Ocean Road explorers with the Apollo Bay Hotel naturally taking on the role of head quarters. Right in the heart of town, the hotel holds prime position overlooking the bay pub.


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