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A man falling through ice at a lake on Christmas day led to chaos as would-be rescuers all joined him in the freezing water.

Luckily no one was badly hurt so we can enjoy the slapstick chaos in the video (see below) as one by one the good-intentioned helpers all slipped and slided their way into a shockingly chilly Christmas surprise. 

The incident occurred at Jackson Lake in the town of Wrightwood, California. Local man Mickey Herman captured the chaos on his phone camera.

Slip up: The first rescuer tumbles in to join the struggling man 

Luckily tragedy was averted with the help of a strong swimmer who used an inner tube to rescue the unidentified man.

“It was Christmas day. We were thinking of the man in the cold water...he could have died. We’re just happy they got out.” Herman's wife Michelle told CBS News in Los Angeles.

Images: YouTube 



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