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Extreme weather is becoming pretty mainstream these days but it's not a new thing...

SolarCentre have taken a look at extreme weather across the globe and have come up with some pretty eye-watering stats, for instance - you would be forgiven for thinking that the place with the most snow fall in a month would be somewhere like Alaska or Japan not California but it is - in 1911, Tamarack, California recorded 390 inches of snow in just 1 month - that's 32.5ft! 

In direct opposition, California also holds the record for the highest temperature recorded at a sweltering 56.7 degrees celsius in Death Valley National Park just 2 years later in 1913.

Australia is in there, with the largest eye of a cyclone recorded at a staggering 90KM (56 miles) wide when Cyclone Kerry hit Western Australia in 1979 and the fastest wind speed (not related to a tornado) at 253mph in 1996 on Barrow Island.

For the full 'extreme' rundown - check out the below infographic.



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