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The parents of murdered Kiwi Emily Longley blame her boyfriend's mother for their daughter's death, according to reports.

Longley's boyfriend, Elliott Turner, was sentenced to life yesterday for strangling the aspiring Kiwi model to death in his bedroom.

His parents also face jail after they were found guilty of perverting the course of justice by destroying a letter of confession penned by their son.

Longley's father, Mark, said of Turner's mother Anita: "I thought [she] was a lot like Turner. She was quite arrogant, quite confrontational. The father seemed to be struggling with it all."

He added: "I blame the mother. The chilling aspect for us was when [Turner] said on the [covert police recording] 'Emily has ruined my life' and the mother says 'she has'. And he says '****ing bitch'. That just stood out. I could not see any tears falling from her eyes when she broke down giving evidence. It just seemed like a bit of an act to me."

Longley's mother, Caroline, also criticised Anita Turner.

"It was as if she thought 'If Elliot hadn’t met Emily, it would never have happened'. But he was the one who took Emily’s life," she said.

Of the parents' alleged conspiracy to cover up the killing, Mark Longley said: "We all want to protect our children. But there comes a point where you have to draw the line and say 'I am sorry. I don’t condone that behaviour. It’s wrong. You have taken the life of somebody'."

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