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A Queensland road rage attack saw a motorist crash into seven cars before running away from his car on fire… naked.

The man snaked in and out of traffic on the M1, in the Tarragindi-Mount Gravatt area, near Brisbane’s town centre on Saturday.

One of the people involved in the incident said: "We just got rammed from behind by a guy, the kids were completely freaked out,” reported

"He then rammed the car in front of us and did a Bourne Identity copy and sideswiped two cars.

He had this crazy expression on his face, he was not wearing a shirt. There (were) cars flying left right and centre.

Around five minutes later witnesses saw the man’s car up in flames in the middle of the motorway.

The Australian police force revealed that the man had been involved with more than four other accidents before he stripped off and ran bare butt naked towards Klumpp Rd.

The man has not yet been charged, but has been admitted to hospital.


Image: Getty


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