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Happy birthday dear Cassius happy birthday to you

Happy 112th birthday dear Cassius The world’s oldest crocodile turns 112 at his Marineland... Read More

Dogs dispute: Depp faces 10 years' jail for smuggling pets into Oz

Hollywood heart-throb Johnny Depp has been warned he could face a maximum 10-year jail sentence for... Read More

QT Appoints New Forage at Chic QT Hotels and Resorts

In a move to bring local and fresh produce to its self-proclaimed ‘young and trendy’ guests, QT... Read More

Tampon tax: Abbott at odds with treasurer over sanitary goods

Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has quashed proposals to lift the country's controversial... Read More

New Zealand

Flight of fancy: flag designers opt for sheep and kiwis

New Zealand's new national flag could feature sheep, ice cream or a laser-eyed Kiwi if some of... Read More

Corpse rolls from hearse into busy Auckland street

New Zealand motorists watched in horror as a corpse slid out of a hearse and into the middle of the... Read More

Man accused of pulling woman's teeth out with pliers during sex

A New Zealand man pulled a woman's teeth out with pliers while they were having sex because he... Read More

Hair-brained: Kiwi PM apologises for pulling waitress's ponytail

New Zealand prime minister John Key has apologised for pulling a waitress's hair while making... Read More


Bulldozed London pub to be rebuilt brick by brick

Building developers who bulldozed an historic London pub after tricking the landlady into taking the... Read More

Ceremonies mark centenary of Gallipoli

Thousands of Australians and New Zealanders have gathered at Gallipoli to mark the 100th anniversary... Read More

Collie-sion course: Sheepdog drives tractor across motorway

Drivers had a narrow escape when a sheepdog drove a runaway tractor across a busy motorway and into... Read More

Visa row: Aussie husband of ex-British squash champ refused UK entry

Six-time British squash champion Cassie Thomas has been told she can't bring her family back to... Read More

TNT Magazine: Australia

TNT Magazine: NZ


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Suicide note: Virgin flight delayed as passenger threatens aircraft

A Virgin America jet returned to the terminal after a passenger was spotted scribbling a suicide... Read More

Storm terror: Airbus plunges 13,000ft after both engines cut out

A Singapore Airlines Airbus with 194 people on board plunged 13,000ft after temporarily losing power... Read More

Own goal: 'Backpacker tax' could cripple Australian economy

Australia's new 'backpacker tax' has provoked a furious backlash among industry... Read More

Steve Irwin's father angry over stingray attack interview

Steve Irwin's father has admitted his anger that a cameraman divulged details of the popular... Read More


Dirty deed: Aircraft rains poo on girl's 16th birthday party

A 16-year-old girl's birthday celebrations were s**t on from a great height when a passing... Read More

Dead duck: Villagers to hold funeral for feathered friend

Grief-stricken residents of a West Country village will lower the church flag to half-mast when they... Read More

Bunny monster: Danish radio DJ bludgeons rabbit live on air

A Danish radio presenter shocked listeners by bludgeoning a baby rabbit to death during a live... Read More

Cracked it! Jailed nut rage air executive wins court appeal

'Nut rage' air executive Heather Cho has been freed from a South Korean jail after... Read More


Marvellous innings: Cricket legend Richie Benaud dies at 84

Cricket lovers around the world are mourning the loss of former Australian Test captain and... Read More

Aussies and Kiwis make flying start at cricket World Cup

Australia trounced England and New Zealand hammered Sri Lanka as the two host nations made a flying... Read More

Five-time winner Djokovic makes history in Melbourne

Novak Djokovic became the first man to win the Australian Open five times in the open era as he beat... Read More

Sean Abbott named Australia young cricketer of the year

Fast bowler Sean Abbott has been named Australia's young cricketer of the year - two months... Read More

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