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Great barrier reef protection plan not up to scratch

The Australian government’s plans to protect the Great Barrier Reef are not going to be enough to... Read More

Top 6 cultural experiences

Australia and New Zealand are rich with culture. The indigenous areas in the Northern Territory, in... Read More

Top 16 visitor attractions in Australia and New Zealand

From areas of natural beauty to companies offering an experience that can't be beat, TNT... Read More

The 15 must-visit cities and regions in Australia and New Zealand

Short on time? There are some cities and regions that you simply can't miss when visiting... Read More

New Zealand

Top 18 tours and activities to do in New Zealand

Fancy flinging yourself off a bridge? Or how about out of a plane? New Zealand is pumped full of... Read More

The top 13 places to stay in New Zealand

Ideally we'd spend 24 hours a day exploring this amazing country, but us humans need to sleep... Read More

NZ election: Did dirty tricks help John Key win another term?

Were dirty tricks behind John Key's win in the NZ general election last weekend? Investigative... Read More

Become a Kiwi Experience brand ambassador and earn up to NZ$500 of your bus pass price back

Pssst. Did you know that Kiwi Experience bus passengers can earn up to NZ$500 of their bus pass... Read More


Official: Brits are miserable gits

As if we needed telling, it is now confirmed that Brits abroad are an unsociable bunch. Read More

Tourists still ‘put away ten pints before lunch’

Certain tourists can still “put away ten pints before lunch” but they leave a better tip than... Read More

Peeing in the shower: It’s green

University students are being urged to pee in the shower in a bid to conserve water; and there’s... Read More

Pub rules: Don't f****n' swear or you're out!

Regular contributors to the swear jar may have a tough time tying one on at The Rum Puncheon pub in... Read More

TNT Magazine: Australia

TNT Magazine: NZ


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The world's first hoverboard is here

Hoverboards finally become science fact as they move from movies in to the real world. And best of... Read More

Colorado sees leap in ‘pot tourism’

It’s not famed for its sunshine or sand, but Denver, Colorado has seen a huge leap in tourists... Read More

Briefs encounters: sex at the airport

If you’re one of the four in a hundred who is already a member of the famous Mile High Club, you... Read More

Aus Foreign Minister’s kidnap warning to travellers

Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister today (Tuesday) urged Australians to carefully consider their... Read More


Chinese student offers sex for travel expenses

A Chinese teen has compared offering herself up for sex in exchange for free travel to being... Read More

Man gets stuck inside woman as sea sex causes suction

Sex on the beach turned particularly sour for an Italian couple who took to the ocean for a kinky... Read More

Briefs encounters: sex at the airport

If you’re one of the four in a hundred who is already a member of the famous Mile High Club, you... Read More

Festival raver found naked in the woods

A festival-goer was found wandering naked in the woods a full four days after the event finished. Read More


Springboks blitz 20 points in last 10 minutes to sink Wallabies

South Africa claimed a bonus point win over Australia to keep their minute hopes of running down New... Read More

AFL Grand Final preview: Can Buddy handle the pressure?

It's a familiar image being forged at the MCG for this Saturday when the Sydney Swans and... Read More

Brownlow Medal goes to Eagle Matt Priddis

Matt Priddis of the West Coast Eagles has won the 2014 Brownlow Medal after polling 26 votes. Read More

Swans smash Roos to reach AFL Grand Final

The Sydney Swans have reached their second Grand Final in three years after annihilating North... Read More

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