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The Paranormal Activity movies have always had notoriously uneventful storylines for the first three quarters of the movie, leading to a dramatic and abrupt ending… and this one is no exception.

The storyline follows Alex (Katheryn Newton) and her family as the possessed Katie (Katie Featherstone from the previous films) moves in across the road with her son. After a webcam chat with Alex’s friend Ben (Matt Shively) that conveniently automatically records conversations, it is revealed there’s something sinister about the new neighbours.

Die-hard fans of the series will probably enjoy this installment as it is arguably the most action-packed of the four, but first-time viewers may not have the same reaction.

The storyline makes numerous references to parts of previous movies so the big reveal in the middle will go straight over the heads of first-time viewers. Frustratingly, Alex and Ben set up webcams all around the house, but they’re never shown reviewing the footage.

There are also parts of the movie where there are great opportunities to set up for a dramatic scare – like opening the fridge door from a certain angle – and it never happens. The ending seemed rushed and the unbelievable stupidity of the characters will reaffirm your belief that all victims in horror films brought it on themselves for being so naive.

If you can sit through the credits, you’ll see that a fifth movie is on the way, but in a different context... hopefully it steers clear of this tired storyline.

Verdict: Two stars

Good for: People who want to stay awake but don’t like coffee



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